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Bridal Fashion Week 2022 - NYC!

We are beyond excited to attend our first Bridal Fashion Week in NYC. For those of you who don't know, BFW is Oct 11-14th in New York's Fashion district. This is an opportunity for retailers to visit and shop directly from designers! It is a fabulous time to meet in person, feel fabrics, see gowns on models and shop for our newest collections.


We are arriving in NYC Oct 11th and meeting with RISH Bridal that night for dinner! We will talk all things OASIS & their new brand Gabrielle, coming early 2023 to Yours, by E! Wednesday, we have a full day booked with designers. We get to visit bridal markets where vendors and designers set up shop and we can walk around looking at all the most beautiful things. Thursday is our busiest day. We see all the new Rish Bridal designs in the morning, heading to the Melange Blanc Market at 1, Alexandra Grecco Shortly after and finishing our day with Bo & Luca.

When will these new gowns be in store?

Once we explore all the new gowns, we will put our orders ASAP and a lot of our new gowns will be in early 2023. We have already purchased a large stock order from Alexandra Grecco's newest collection as well as Temple's! This means, you may see these gowns in store closer to November/December of 2022!

We cannot wait to shop all things bridal for you guys! Let us know what you want to see.

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